Lune Alchemiche. Luciana Cicogna

Visual communication, Editorial design, Graphic design

Graphic design and communication materials for the exhibition “Lune Alchemiche” by Luciana Cicogna, at Galleria Flaviostocco, Treviso.

The two covers are inspired by the phenomenon of alchemical transmutation: the metal that becomes gold. Combining these two covers, you get a single “artist’s moon” that turns from metal to gold.


Galleria Flaviostocco


Marco Del Zotto (Nerone)

Art direction

Tommaso Lodi (Nerone)

Graphic design

Tommaso Lodi (Nerone)


Flavistocco gallery, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

Lune Alchemiche. Luciana Cicogna